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Trigger Jeans Showroom!

Trigger Jeans, a wholly owned brand of KG Denim Ltd. has opened its first stand-alone store in Coimbatore.

The showroom, inagurated by ace drive Narain Karthikeyan two days back is in Arts College Road, Coimbatore.

KG Denim launched the "Trigger" brand of jeans in the year 1995, positioning it as a trendy high quality jeans brand offering the best value. The brand within a very short span has risen to the status of market leader. The brand was only one of the two brands to be awarded the Indis Brand Equity Fund by the Government of India to promote "Made in India" labels worldwide.

The Trigger brand is promoted extensively through TV, Print and Outdoor media. The advertising campaign is handled by HTA portraying various passions in the life of a jeans wearer and aims to make "Trigger My Passion" the new buzzword among the younger generation and also making Trigger Jeans their hot favorite.

TRIGGER intends to open 100 showrooms in the next 12 months. 25 showrooms will become operational by Deepavali. Trigger is planning to open 10 showrooms on a single day in Mumbai alone on 14th September 2008.

Company intends to reach turnover of 100 crs by 2010. Currently company may end up with the turnover of 40crs by the end of the financial year 2009.

PS: Trigger Jeans is a sister concerns of KGiSL, and part of the KG Group conglomerate.


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